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A scenic float trip down the beautiful and scenic Meramec River is an excellent way to explore the wonders of the Show-Me-State’s wild outdoors. Steep limestone bluffs, caves, and bubbling springs envelope the intrepid explorer along a watery path of aquatic plants, animals, and forests.

Whether you have all day or just a few hours, our canoe and floating staff will get you on the water and in the fun! The five-mile float is perfect for those seeking a little sun or solitude, or perhaps a picnic after a day of exploration atop the rocky bluffs or a trek through a cave.

The Meramec River is a Class I (sometimes II) river that is suitable for all levels of floating experience and expertise. From individuals to families to groups, let us show you a great time on the scenic Meramec River! Warning, always respect the river and areas around you, safety for yourself and others should be your top concern.

Contact us for more information on floating the scenic Meramec River.

Trip Details

All floats are five miles in length beginning at Sappington Bridge and ending at Meramec State Park boat ramp.  Approximate float time is two to four hours.

Canoes, Kayaks, 6-Person & 8-Person Rafts are available for rent.   There is a three (3) person maximum in each canoe.  Dogs are not allowed in rafts.

You must be signed up 30 minutes before each float time.  We provide life vests, paddles and trash bags.  Large Groups please call ahead.

Cancellation Policy

In the event the float is cancelled by the concessionaire due to bad weather or high water levels, a rain check will be issued good for one year from the cancelled float date.  All watercraft cancellations require seven days notice.  If a seven day notice is given, the cancellation fee will be $5.00 per canoe and $10.00 for each raft reserved.  Any watercraft cancellations made less than seven days prior to the float will be charged the entire cost of the watercraft rental.

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Summer Floats  (Click for downloadable flyer)

(Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day)
On the day of your float, check in at the River Stop Store at least 30 minutes prior to your float time.
Monday through Friday
9:30   10:30  11:30
Canoes:  $45.00 for 2 people ($5.00 for third person, three person maximum)
One-Man Sit-on-Top Kayaks:  $30.00
6 Man Rafts:  $140.00      8 Man Rafts:  $180.00
Saturday Float Times
Every half hour from 9:00am - 12:30 pm
Sunday Float Times
9:30   10:30  11:30
Saturday & Sunday Prices
Canoes:  $45.00 for 2 people ($5.00 for third person, three person maximum)
One-Man Sit-on-Top Kayaks:   $30.00
6 Man Rafts:  $160.00    8 Man Rafts:  $220.00

(Reservations Recommended)

Spring and Fall Floats  (Click for downloadable flyer)

Spring:  1st Friday after April 15th through Friday of Memorial Day
Fall:  Tuesday after Labor Day until last weekend in October
On the day of your float check in at The Fireside Store & Grill
Friday  10:30canoe
Canoes $45.00 for 2 people  ($5.00 for third person)
One-Man Sit-on-Top Kayaks:  $30.00
6 Man Rafts:  $140.00   8 Man Rafts:  $180.00
Saturday & Sunday
10:30  11:30
Canoes:  $45.00 for 2 people ($5.00 for third person)
One-Man Sit-on-Top Kayaks:  $30.00
6 Man Rafts:  $160.00   8 Man Rafts:  $220.00


Please call 1-573-468-6519 or 1-888-MERAMEC (637-2632)

On the day of your float, you must check-in at the River Stop Store (Memorial Weekend - October 31st) or The Fireside Store & Grill (Spring & Fall) at least 30 minutes before your float time to sign-up!! There is no glass allowed on the Meramec River. Dogs are only allowed in canoes; no dogs allowed on rafts. Thank you!!!

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